Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Vs Decoding Victoria's Secret : The Three Assumptions

The secret of any great advertising is to appeal to people's emotions in order to achieve colossal sales. Victoria Secret in that regard has been able to achieve great success in marketing for his targeted audience. VS like the diamond's giant DeBeers before it took a product that was common and not overtly publicized and made it turned it into a gold mine by marketing in peculiar ways. Soon enough other success stories such as The Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue followed on the footstep of VS and perpetrated its thriving techniques.

What is it about VS that revolutionize the way people shop at his store? Three assumptions, as described by Professor Marie D. Smith; the first one being that a beautiful female body is marketable and can sell any product, the second being that a woman struggles to get or to hold onto the right man i order to give meaning to her life and the third being that a woman's self image is largely determined by a male perception of female beauty. VS and the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue capitalized on these assumptions to lure their audience into buying their product, henceforth creating a faithful customer base. Whenever a man walks in front of a stand and perceive a post of a beautiful woman (i.e. flashy breast, thin waist and curvy booty) his attention is caught on the spot, he is intrigued not by the content of the magazine, but by the connection his mind makes of what perfection ought to be. Once emotionally captured by this image, he is compelled to act not on logic but by impulse. The attention is not geared towards what;s inside the magazine but more towards a fantasy that he has nurtured within from preconceived idea of what beauty is suppose to be.

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